Ron Harlow, host of the Afternoon Fix, shared his microphone time in a very energetic interview.

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October 2015
“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” 


June 8, 2016

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Melinda Lee, one of the sparkling jjewels of the Sarasota coastal area, conducted a probing, friendly interview which revealed new sides of W.B. Ward

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May 12, 2016

Marcus Tullius Cicero

June 28, 2016

W.B. Ward

n New Orleans, Louisiana, something with a weird sense of humor is stranding myth in a non-magical world.

Dr. Tiffany Crews and gang find themselves no longer chasing Damn Duck, running into walls or spilling soup. As a matter of fact, no accidents have happened in the last week.

It isn't until they find Damn Duck sitting quietly on the balcony, Miracai, the carnivorous unicorn, eating greens without flatulence, and her klutz tendencies missing, Tiffany realizes something is up.

Only when her best friend, Janet, begins dating a man named Aiden Murphy, does Tiffany understand - Murphy has been dropped into New Orleans. Not a far stretch of imagination considering the Fairy Godmother identifies him during lunch at Chopstix.

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around the world via the Armed Forces Network, as well on various websites throughout the Internet. 

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